Treeview - Space camera for precision forestry

TreeView is a high performance multi-spectral Earth Observation mission concept designed for precision forestry applications. The development of the mission has been funded by the UK Space Agency through the National Space Innovation Programme (NSIP) and is a collaboration between The Open University (leading) and XCAM, In-Space Missions, Beck Optronic Solutions, Adiuvo Engineering, Teledyne e2v, 2Excel Geo and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Forest Research.

XCAM have designed the electronics for the camera system payload. This integrated electronics package includes the front end electronics (FEE) to drive the imaging sensor (a new TDI CIS125 developed by Teledyne e2v), the Data Handling Unit (DHU) to manage the data produced by the sensor including storage and on-board processing and the Payload Monitoring and Control unit (PMC) to manage thermal control and stabilisation. This includes the design and thermal modelling of the mechanical housing for this electronics package.

Further to the payload design work, XCAM have also developed a flat-sat breadboard protoype of the payload electronics to de-risk the camera electronics design given its reliance on the new novel imaging sensor from Teledyne e2v.

Read more about the preliminary design of the TreeView mission here.