CaVACam is XCAM’s Camera for Vacuum Applications, developed in response to many enquiries for vacuum ‘clean’ camera systems.

The F-model CaVACams are cameras which are built on to a conflat flange and which have entirely ‘vacuum clean’ parts inside the vacuum chamber and the ‘dirty’ electronics and non-vacuum components on the airside of the flange. This camera system is ideal where a conflat flange design suits your application and you do not need to immerse the camera head inside the vacuum chamber.

The S-model CaVACams are cameras in which the ‘vacuum clean’ parts including the detector are built on the outside of a hermetically sealed camera head, and the non-vacuum components are enclosed inside the sealed chamber. Data is removed from the camera head via clean vacuum fibre optic cables and a single power cable is designed to be vacuum compatible. This camera head is ideal where you need to fully immerse the camera head inside the vacuum chamber and cannot use an F-model CaVACam.

Whilst we maintain a ‘standard’ build configuration for these camera systems, they are very easily adapted to meet your specific material requirements or even to take different detectors if required, due to the modular design. RGA scan of the camera head can be conducted if required.

Detectors are available in front-illuminated (FI) or back-illuminated (BI) options and BI may be available with no AR coating for good soft x-ray performance – all dependent on availability and MOQ from supplier. Please enquire if the camera configuration you require is not in the list below.

Contact us today to find out if CaVACam is suitable for your in-vacuum imaging application.

Download the product sheet here: