NUSCIS - Space Camera

XCAM Nuscis is a range of compact SmallSat and CubeSat compatible space imager products offering un paralleled flexibility in space imaging systems design The modular architecture of Nuscis, supporting many different sensor types (CMOS, CCD and EM CCD) and opto-mechanical solutions, means that it can be easily customised to support a whole range different SmallSat and CubeSat imaging applications for example Earth observation, remote sensing, space situational awareness, rendezvous and docking and in orbit servicing.

Nuscis is available as a complete off-the-shelf low mass, low volume, low power, single-board imaging solution or can be customised to suit your specific application.

Nuscis is currently under development with engineering models (EM) expected in Q1 2024 and Flight Models (FM) in Q3 2024. Contact us today to find out if Nuscis is suitable for your space-based imaging application.


Download the current specifications here (subject to change):