XCAM specialises in producing custom and prototype CCD cameras for leading-edge science experiments all over the world and is able to design and manufacture large area and multiple CCD cooled camera systems that suit your application.

We specialise in understanding your application so that we can optimise the choice of CCD type and the design and manufacture of the camera system to maximise the performance for your application. We commission custom camera systems personally on-site.

  • CCD types: Front-illuminated (FI); Back illuminated (BI); with or without Anti-Reflection coating; Deep depletion (DD); Red-enhanced; UV enhanced; coated for wavelength sen-sitivity; high resistivity; EMCCD
  • Large area, or arrays of smaller CCDs
  • UHV compatible construction if required
  • On-site commissioning and support
  • Custom software requirements met
  • Specification and procurement of custom CCD if required
  • Master-Slave mode for synchronous operation of multiple CCDs
  • Unique software enabling one PC to control multiple CCD cameras as one

For more details please contact us for further information specific to your requirement.