1U+ format CubeSat camera with proven space flight heritage

• Space-flight heritage since 2014
• Compatible with 1U+ format cubesatellites
• Lossless image compression
• Wide-field imager (WFI) camera optics
   ‒ Up to three cameras per imager board
   ‒ Near- and far- field imaging capabilities
   ‒ Colour and/or black & white imaging

C3D is a CubeSat camera system (imager board and optical subassembly) with TRL 9 status and proven space flight heritage. Originally developed in partnership with The Open University, C3D has successfully flown and transmitted images on CubeSat missions such as the UK Space Agency’s UKube-1 and AlSat Nano.

The C3D CubeSat camera system is an imaging payload which can be used for a variety of applications including earth observation (EO) and CubeSat self-monitoring, and has proven success with both of these applications on real CubeSat missions in space.

Flexible design caters to individual requirements

C3D has been designed to be compatible with 1U and larger format CubeSats. The flexible design allows up to three wide field cameras per imager board. Cameras can be coaligned (see product sheet below for diagram) for stereo imaging or to allow for alternative imaging requirements including both near- or far-field and black & white or colour imaging. Images are compressed using a lossless JPEG image compression algorithm to preserve the integrity of your data.

As well as our standard C3D system, enquiries of a custom-design/R&D nature are also welcomed at XCAM; our vast experience and expertise developing custom-design camera systems means we are ideally placed to advise on the best solution for your imaging requirements. For more information please use the links below to submit an enquiry or download the C3D product sheet.

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