XCAM Unveils Nuscis, its Next Generation Low Cost Space Imaging Camera


UK based XCAM Ltd, leaders in specialist digital camera systems, has unveiled its next generation of low cost space imaging products as it seeks to support the needs of the growing global space sector. Nuscis is a range of compact SmallSat and CubeSat-compatible space imager products offering un-paralleled flexibility in space imaging systems design.

Karen Holland, CEO of XCAM Ltd, explained, “The design ethos behind XCAM Nuscis was to create a modular architecture that enables the widest possible range of applications at a low price point, drawn from many years developing leading-edge imaging systems for space, science and industrial applications. Supporting many different sensor-types means Nuscis can be easily customised to support a whole range of different SmallSat and CubeSat imaging applications including Earth observation, remote sensing, space situational awareness, rendezvous and docking and in-orbit servicing. This makes Nuscis the most versatile space imaging product on the market today.”

At the heart of Nuscis is the Imager Controller Board (ICB) which is itself a complete single-board imaging solution. Supporting four different families of TRL8/9 CMOS imaging sensors (Teledyne e2v Sapphire and Ruby and CMOSIS CMV4000 and CMV2000), the ICB can operate up to two CMOS sensors in a low-profile PC104 1/4U format and low <5W power footprint. The ICB has on-board data processing capability and telemetry, telecommanding and data transfer are handled through various common data interfaces. The ICB can be supplemented with auxiliary daughterboard and headboard solutions to enable operation of larger CMOS, CCD or EM-CCD sensors with temperature control if required.

Nuscis development is on-going with Engineering Models (EM) available Q1 2024 and Flight Models (FM) available Q3 2024. Nuscis is available for pre-order now so contact us today to find out if Nuscis is suitable for your space imaging application.

Nuscis replaces XCAM’s C3D Cubesat Camera which has successfully flown on multiple space missions in the last decade. C3D remains available to purchase on a last-time-buy whilst-stocks-last basis so contact us today for a great deal on this space-qualified entry-level camera system.