XCAM exhibiting at the 11th international Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors (PSD11)


Position Sensitive Detectors 11 is a multi-disciplinary, international conference which brings together researchers from both industry and academia to encourage cross-fertilisation and the transfer of ideas between different fields. It will feature a variety of sensor applications which could range from the use of EMCCDs in RIXS experiments for synchrotron beamline scientists such as with XCAM’s RIXSCam system, to novel new techniques such as XCAM’s PFO 1000 Monitor. This year’s event, organised by the Open University in Milton Keynes, is taking place from 3rd – 8th September 2017 and has a strong focus on detectors in industry.

The industrial exhibit will be taking place in the first two days of the conference; XCAM will be in attendance both at the exhibition booth, and with two talks being given by XCAM employees relating to XCAM’s RIXSCam and PFO 1000 systems. There will also be a talk from an XCAM sponsored student within the OU’s research group who will be presenting work relating to the OGRE system, a NASA-funded sounding rocket project for space for which XCAM is developing the camera system.

We look forward to hopefully seeing you at our exhibition stand!

Check out the PSD11 website for more information.