The first colour images taken with XCAM’s next generation C3D2 camera controller have been successfully captured and transmitted from space. C3D2 is one of three payloads aboard the AlSat Nano CubeSat; a joint nanosatellite mission between the Algerian Space Agency (ASAL) and the UK Space Agency (UKSA). The C3D2 camera suite development was led by the Open University (OU) in collaboration with XCAM and e2v; XCAM built the camera controller and electronics for the three CMOS sensors provided by e2v. These images represent the second successful space camera manufactured by XCAM, raising the TRL of its space electronics and providing access to space markets.

The images were taken above the Arkhangelsk Oblast region, on the North West coast of Russia on 3rd December 2016 at dawn. The coastline and winter sunrise are visible along with evidence of geological features such as snow-capped mountains and river valleys. The Oxford Space Systems Ltd AstroTube BoomTM payload is also visible in the image. (Image credit: AlSat Nano mission, Open University)

Read the UKSA press release or the OU press release, or watch a video simulation of the launch.