Shortlisted for the Made in the Midlands 2016 award


XCAM has been shortlisted for the ‘Insider Made in the Midlands’ 2016 award, in the advanced manufacture section, as a result of its development of a new camera system for high-end scientific applications. The RIXSCam™ has been developed in consultation with the researchers at one of the world’s leading science facilities, the Swiss Light Source and scientists at the Open University. The scientists who will use the camera system to study the structure of novel materials through their interactions with x-rays.

The project is another example of XCAM’s success in collaborative design to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and builds on our tradition of working with scientists to develop new solutions for challenging conditions. In addition to the growth of experience in the field, a new graduate has been taken on to complete an industrial PhD programme, which will be completed through studies undertaken at the Open University in the UK.