Researchers from Paul Scherrer Institute visit XCAM


Drs Thorsten Schmitt and Bernd Schmitt from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have visited XCAM to witness testing of the new RIXSCam™ system. The system was developed by XCAM in consultation with the researchers to provide a tailor-made system for science on RIXS beamlines. The RIXSCam™ will be used in the world’s most advanced synchrotron light sources to investigate the electronic behaviour in condensed matter systems. The first system will be delivered to the PSI and commissioned at the ADRESS beamline of the Swiss Light Source in late spring this year.

The system is part of a wider series of advances to improve the resolution that can be achieved at RIXS beamlines. The RIXSCam™ design combines XCAM’s experience building for ultra-high vacuum conditions with post-processing of the captured image to achieve the highest sensitivity and resolution. The project is another example of XCAM’s success in collaborative design to meet the demanding requirements of our customers and builds on our tradition of working with scientists to develop new solutions for challenging conditions.