UK based, XCAM Ltd, designers and manufacturers of specialised digital imaging systems, has successfully completed its first order to Japan for the high-performance RIXSCam Mini, a new singledetector camera system, for use on the latest X-ray beamlines for resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) experiments.

The order, from Professor Harada and Dr Miyawaki at the Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, was delivered in December 2020 and overseen by XCAM’s distributor in Japan, JEPICO Corporation. Harada-san said, “By calculation this system will dramatically improve the energy resolution of our current RIXS spectrometer. We intend to make this trial as a test piece of the ultrahigh resolution RIXS system, designed by Dr Miyawaki and realized in the next generation synchrotron radiation in the near future.”

XCAM Ltd are confident no other high-performance camera in the world currently delivers results for this specific regime and type of testing, to detect single photons of soft X-rays, to less than to 5 microns positional resolution. This innovative RIXSCam Mini system is designed and built in the UK for scientists who have, or who are, building RIXS beamlines with synchrotrons for the future and is a lower cost version of the larger and more complex multi-detector RIXSCam, which has been developed for high-resolution RIXS experiments in conjunction with the Paul Scherre institute in Switzerland.

Karen Holland, CEO of XCAM explained further about the order, “When Harada-san first contacted us about our larger RIXSCam systems, he was impressed with the capabilities; however, he had a similar application which required the same outstanding performance as the traditional multidetector RIXSCam provides, but with a lower cost. We suggested that the RIXSCam Mini would offer the perfect solution. Whilst this was the first RIXSCam Mini system to be delivered, it uses most of the parts developed for the now mature, and more complex larger RIXSCam systems, and so the development was more straightforward than for many of our complex projects. We are delighted to be supplying Harada-san and the prestigious University of Tokyo and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership in the future.”

XCAM Ltd is advertising at next year’s Japanese Synchrotron Conference in January for synchrotron scientists and those who build and maintain synchrotrons. If you are a beamline scientist, or work with synchrotrons, and interested in purchasing high-performance cameras to put on beamlines, please contact us on +44 (0)1604 673700 or email sales@xcam.co.uk for more information.

XCAM Ltd, celebrating 25 years in business, is currently experiencing significant growth in sales from around the world, with its busiest year ever, including new contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA) and several highly prestigious innovation award nominations. The success is based on its worldwide reputation and outstanding knowledge in the field of digital imaging systems, including the ability to solve complex problems.