VaCam In-Vacuum Video Camera


VacCam was developed in response to frequent requests from customers seeking an in-situ vacuum video camera to internally monitor operations and processes occurring inside the vacuum chamber. It has been designed with vacuum-compatible construction to ensure low outgassing and avoid contamination of your in-vacuum processes or experiments.

The video camera system accepts C-mount lenses and XCAM offers a small selection of vacuumcompatible optical lenses for use with the camera or customers can provide their own.

The camera has mounting points which must be connected to a heat-dissipative mounting block to removed the thermal heat generated.

The camera has a USB2.0 interface for power and communications.

Key features

  • Fully-immersible in a vacuum chamber
  • Fully vacuum compatible down to 10-6 mbar
  • RGB colour or B&W greyscale imaging, two resolution options
  • Video frame rates of up to 10 fps
  • USB2 interface provides communications and power


Mechanical dimensions 50 x 50 x 60 mm3 (excl. lens and USB connector)
Image sensor options 1.3 MP CMOS: 1/1.8” format: 5.5 µm pixels: RGB or B&W
Lens C-mount interface. Wide-angle lens with fixed focus as standard
Wavelength range 400 – 1000 nm
Exposure Auto or fixed
Readout modes Single image and up to 10 fps video
Electrical Interface USB 2.0
Power Supplied by USB 2.0: 1.5 W max.

Supplied by XCAM

  • In-vacuum video camera
  • Lens (ordered separately by part number)
  • Operating manual
  • Software dll and code to enable image capture and integration with user’s software application

Supplied by Customer

  • USB vacuum feedthrough (XCAM to advise)
  • USB2 in-vacuum cable
  • Mounting system inside the vacuum capable of sinking and dissipating up to 2W heat load
  • Illumination inside vacuum chamber