The XCAM very high speed, low noise EMCCD system has the following key features:

  • Extremely high speed operation: CCD97 up to 15 MHz, and CCD201 up to 25 MHz High speed means faster frame rates for both full frame and when reading out sub arrays: for example the CCD 97 can readout 552 x 132 pixels at about 160 Hz without any binning
  • By using focal plane masks even faster frame rates are possible; e.g. 110 x 132 @ 800 Hz
  • Extremely Low Clock-induced Charge due to our Unique Analysis System Background
  • Use with gains of up to 4000 or gain turned off for normal CCD operation
  • Optical Photon-Counting
  • Systems are individually optimised for specific CCD for best performance
  • Systems available cryogenically cooled for optical, or for vacuum operation for X-ray

XCAM specialises in custom systems; this high speed electronics can be built into a system to suit your experiment. For further details, please contact us for information specific to your application.

The following table shows some L3 CCDs available which can be operated by this drive system. E2v technologies devices offer higher responsivities than Texas Instrument devices, whilst the Texas Instrument devices offer higher speeds of operation.

CCD Number of Pixels Pixel Size Image Area Speed of Operation
CCD60 128 x 128 24 µm 3.072 x 3.072 mm  
CCD97 Frame Transfer 512 x 512 16 µm 8.192 x 8.192 mm 15 MHz
CCD201 Frame Transfer 1024 x 1024 13 µm 13.3 x 13.3 mm 25 MHz
CCD207-001 Full Frame 1632 x 208 16 µm 26.11 x 3.33 mm 15 MHz
CCD207-101 1632 x 408 16 µm 26.11 x 6.53 mm 15 MHz

Notes 1
All CCDs and specific coatings are subject to availability from e2v technologies, and non-stock or non-standard items may be subject to MOQs or additional cost; please enquire if you have a specific requirement.